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PTI Design Philosophy

Leveraging the power of imagination.

At PTI Design, our team of industrial designers and engineers believe in immersing ourselves into the environment, lifestyle and culture that defines a brand. We study design from every perspective, linking form and function, ergonomics, materials and manufacturing efficiencies.

Design is the common catalyst in everything we use; it influences everything we do. That is why at PTI Design, we take a deeper look into the design process, far beyond the mechanical. We study brand psychology, past and current lifestyle and market trends, social elements and environmental issues that may impact the product. We forecast where the market is heading and formulate strategies to lead the product beyond market expectations.

We take a design approach that concentrates as much on the user experience as it does on overall function. Each product that we design must form a connection with the user, leaving them satisfied both physically and emotionally. We believe that a positive emotional response goes hand in hand with a positive physical response; and if achieved, will result in a highly successful product.