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Paul Zachara – Product Designer

Industrial Product Designer

My title here at PTI Design is Product Designer, but my job and passion is to solve customers’ problems. I enjoy working with our customers on their design concerns so they can sleep better at night. I find it very rewarding when they come to me with their thoughts and ideas and I am are able to turn their vision into reality.

I have always had a passion for design as a young man that continued to follow me into high school and college. I am inspired by challenges that I am faced with when I’m designing for manufacturing, and like how it continues to tests my knowledge and talent. Working for 25 years in the manufacturing industry, from apprentice to product designer, has given me an enormous advantage over other designers because I know how to put the “art in the part” and also what it takes to get a product from the mind to manufacturing.

My other inspirations are my beautiful wife, Amber, and my two college-bound boys, Paul and Aaron. Any spare time for the family is road trip Anyplace USA!