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Jim Hayward – Strategic Planning Director

Michigan Product Development

My biggest inspiration comes from the diversity of our customers. Nothing ever gets stale; in the morning, we could be working on a solution for a defense customer and by the afternoon, we could be on a conference call with a medical team discussing the functionality of an intricate medical device; every hour can be more exciting than the last.

As the director of business development, my focus is on discovering new clients as well as supporting the needs of our current client base. The most exciting part of our business is the start of a new project, engaging with our clients on both a personal and professional level to try to understand what’s important to them and where their passion for the project lies. I’ve been fortunate enough to have held management positions in the business, design and engineering fields. This experience helps me work in that gray area between conceptual design and engineering reality.

The most rewarding part of my job is being involved in creating a product that impacts people on a personal level. It could be a medical device that enhances someone’s life or maybe a household item that’s used by thousands of people every day.

Personally, I’m most proud of my wife and children, and of having the opportunity to watch my daughters grow from little girls into young ladies. I especially enjoy bike riding with my wife and traveling.