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Steve Elliott – Creative Design Directing Manager

Industrial Designer

As creative design directing manager, I oversee all of the art and design projects and make sure that the visionary goal is realized. Most clients do not fully understand the complexity of the design process, branding and launch of a product to market. The devil is in the details! Details are what can set the standard in the industry or market.

One never knows what the next project is going to entail with the diversified industries and markets that we serve. Our projects have ranged from products that go on heavy equipment that is found on oil rigs floating off in the ocean to lifesaving devices that can be found in a surgical operating room. Whatever the project, the same level of passion and care is given…so that we can create the best possible solution for the problem.

My passion for art and design started at a very early age. I remember and still have most of my creations from the flowerpot I created in kindergarten! LEGOs rule!!! And still today, my drive and desire has not wavered. When creating I look to many sources for inspiration, like nature, where I can find design cues and features, including form, function, color, texture, etc.

Most of my life and studies have revolved around art and design in every way–taking in everything I could from my environment and life experiences. In school, I took every art and tech class offered, and my time at the College for Creative Studies really opened my eyes to the world of design, which helped me hone my skills and prepared me to market my creativity.

The things I enjoy most are my family, friends, art, fishing and anything cool!